Las Vegas Raiders: 3 rookies who could start 2024 Week 1

Thanks to the lack of depth at some positions at least a two or three rookies could start in the lineup right away for the Las Vegas Raiders.
Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Brock Bowers

This one is not as cut and dry as it seems to be. Bowers encounters the toughest test to overtake Michael Mayer as the presumed starter. Mayer is better than the other two starters that these three rookies will be fighting with on this list.

However first rounders like Bowers don't come around often and don't wait in the pecking order even if they're the low man on the totem pole.

We know that Bowers won't sit for long because the offense will be using a lot of two tight end sets with the unlimited potential that they now have there. Zamir White should flourish with defenses not zeroing in on him.

Bowers and Mayer are the two youngest and brightest studs at tight end position that no one else in the league can claim. With the signing of Michael Gallup, the offensive weapons are an embarrassment of riches for Gardner Minshew and AOC. The pressure will be on defenses to guard Bowers or Mayer or Davante Adams, etcetera.