Raiders 3-round mock draft: Las Vegas passes on a quarterback early

The Las Vegas Raiders have a need at the quarterback position this offseason, but in our latest 3-round mock, they pass on one early in the draft.
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It's that time of the year for the endless amount of Las Vegas Raiders mock drafts that we all just can't get enough of. We see NFL and Raiders-specific mock draft all over the internet, and based on what we have seen, Las Vegas could go a number of different ways early on.

So I am going to join in on the fun and attempt my versions of a mock over the next few months and see how many picks I can get wrong as well. In this scenario there will be no trades either, so here is a 3-round Raiders mock with no quarterbacks being selected.

Raiders 3-round mock draft: Las Vegas passes on a quarterback early

Round 3 Pick 77-Edgerrin Cooper LB Texas A&M

This is an Antonio Pierce selection all the way. He's another guy who I'd expect to be off the board by round three, but you never know sometimes. Cooper could start day one and if not he immediately provides depth to a position of need. Expect him to run a fast 40 time for the linebackers. He also had eight sacks in 2023.

Cooper had three sacks against Alabama and two when they beat Auburn. Cooper is considered as the number one linebacker on the board according to some. Because of his speed he can be a standout in coverage. That's something the Raiders have needed for years with Travis Kelce around and the potential of Brock Bowers entering the division in Los Angeles.