Las Vegas Raiders: 3 UDFAs who could make the 2024 53-man roster

The Las Vegas Raiders signed 17 undrafted free agents after the 2024 NFL Draft, and here are three who could make the team.
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A total of 17 undrafted free agents were snatched up by the Las Vegas Raiders following the culmination of the 2024 NFL Draft last weekend. Carter Bradley was the lone quarterback and saw time in the Senior Bowl in January.

Some will stick around like a Dalton Wagner or a Sam Webb did recently, but others will be lucky to smell the practice squad. These are three names who could potentially find a way to land one of the coveted 53 spots on the roster in time for the regular season.

3 undrafted free agents who could make the team

1. Will Putnam-Center

Putnam was close to being a five-star prospect out of high school. He lined up at guard just like Jackson Powers-Johnson and by the time his career at Clemson was done, he suited up for the second most snaps in their illustrious history.

He's earned the right to say that he is Clemson's all-time leader in games played for an offensive lineman. That says a lot for himself and the Tigers program.

Putnam has a real oppurtunity in front of him just like Andre James did when he came out of UCLA. Nearly five years to the day, Putnam can be in the mix for the backup gig behind James when they have no choice but to keep Powers-Johnson in at guard.