Las Vegas Raiders: 4 bold 2024 offseason predictions

The Las Vegas Raiders have big decisions to make this offseason, and here, we look at some bold predictions over the next few months of 2024.
Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders
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1. Raiders trade up on Day 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft

As it stands, the Las Vegas Raiders hold the No. 13 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but will they still be there when April rolls around? The Raiders could be big-time movers this draft season, and it will really depend on what the plan is at quarterback going into the NFL Draft.

With Pierce back at the helm, you have to think that Jayden Daniels is his coveted quarterback, as the two worked together at Arizona State before Pierce left for the NFL, and Daniels for LSU. That would be the best-case scenario for Pierce, as he would have a playmaking quarterback under center, and be able to reset the timer on the position group.

In order for the Raiders to go up to at least No. 4, where the Arizona Cardinals pick, they are going to have to give away a ton. In our recent 7-round 2024 NFL Mock Draft, we had the Raiders sending pick No. 13 and 77 in this year's draft, as well as a first-round pick next year to the Cardinals for the ability to move up nine spots.

This is the kind of trade that would make or break the careers of both Pierce, as well as whoever they bring in as general manager. However, if Daniels becomes a star at the NFL level, they will look like geniuses, and likely have some long-term job security.