Raiders 4 most brutal missed opportunities in 2023

The Las Vegas Raiders were just a few wins away from getting into the playoffs in 2023, and four games stood out as missed opportunities.
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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Week 12: Raiders vs Chiefs

The Raiders went into this game, as they did most of the game this season, as major underdogs. At halftime the Raiders looked like they could keep with the Chiefs and the score was 14-14. However, the Raiders struggled in the second half only putting up 3 points while the Chiefs put up 17 leading to a home loss to the most hated Division rival.

Rashee Rice put up 107 yards on 7 catches (13.4 average) and Travis Kelcie caught 6 passes for 91 yards (15.2 average). The Chiefs decided to attack the Raiders defense through the air and Patrick Mahomes threw for nearly another 300 yards while the Raiders offense struggled.

For his part, Aidan O'Connell threw 250 yards and a touchdown to Jakobi Meyers, but the Cheifs kept Davante Adams largely in check as he caught 5 passes for 73 yards. Josh Jacobs had one of his best games of the year going for 110 yards on 20 carries and a touchdown, but it was not enough to overcome a powerful Chiefs offense.

What made this a huge missed opportunity was the fact that the Raiders got the lead and took their foot off the gas which led to the Chiefs taking advantage. This game was right before the bye week as the Raiders were trying to make a playoff push and they dropped the ball on this one.

Final Score: Chiefs 31, Raiders 17