Raiders 7-round Mock Draft: Day 1 trade brings more elite draft capital

The Las Vegas Raiders continued to build their roster through free agency this week and that has impacted their needs in the NFL Draft

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The first week of NFL free agency for the Las Vegas Raiders included a splash move to add defensive tackle Christian Wilkins and a potential starting quarterback in Gardner Minshew. Both of these moves addressed a major need and should impact the Raiders decisions at the top of the draft.

In the second week of free agency, the Raiders continued to build up their roster but focused more on depth and the periphery rather than stars. They brought back 2 defensive tackles that made major contributions in 2022 and added running back Alexander Madison to serve as the backup to Samir white.

These moves will keep the Raiders from reaching for a defensive tackle though it will be hard to pass one up if a special player is available. This will also keep the readers from likely drafting a running back as that has become less of a need and there could be several veteran options available after the draft as well.

Some of the other needs on the offensive line are still the same as well as in the defensive backfield and the need for a potential franchise quarterback is still pressing. In this mock draft, we take a mixed approach between focusing on need and grabbing the best player available and it starts off with a trade down and a stock up of some mid round picks.

Let's jump in!

Raiders 7-round Mock Draft: Day 1 trade brings more elite draft capital