Raiders 7-round mock draft: Multiple trades land Las Vegas possible franchise QB

The Las Vegas Raiders made some big moves in free agency that will impact their draft targets so we go into this mock with a new mindset
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Jordan Magee. 454. 229. . 229. Linebacker. . Jordan Magee. . player

We continue to focus on athletes in the tail end of the draft and we grab a linebacker that is built more like a safety at this point in the draft. With the 229th overall pick, we select Jordan Magee out of Temple who measures in at 6-1 and 228lbs. These measurements are in the bottom 15% for the linebacker position but we’re looking at him more for athleticism than power.

Magee did great at the combine with a 4.55 40 and 1.54 10-yard split which are both excellent and a 124inch broad jump which is not too shabby either. He is a sideline to sideline that can make plays all over the field and is part of the new breed of lighter and faster guys at the position.

The Delaware native is a tackling machine with 166 over the last two years and he also racked up 9 sacks during that span. He is an effective blitzer and tackler who does not shy away from contact and he has the fluidity to cover backs and receivers all over the field. Get this kid on the right team with the right defensive coordinator and he could do some serious damage with his physical tools.