Raiders 7-round mock draft: Multiple trades land Las Vegas possible franchise QB

The Las Vegas Raiders made some big moves in free agency that will impact their draft targets so we go into this mock with a new mindset

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Quarterback. Michael Penix Jr.. Michael Penix Jr.. . 49. . . 49. player. 521

Originally slated to pick 44th overall, we traded pick 44 and 111 to the Cincinnati Bengals for picks 49 and 80 but were still able to grab a potential franchise QB. With the top 3 guys already off the board and JJ McCarthy gone as well, we select Michael Penix Jr. with the 49th overall pick.

The signing of Gardner Minshew has been called a band-aid signing in that it gives the Raiders a backup plan in case they can’t draft a QB but it also allows them to bring Penix along slowly while he learns the offense. The Raiders could take a Tua-Fitzpatrick approach where the veteran backup is the starter initially before the young guy takes over mid-season but without the yo-yo way the Dolphins did it.

Penix is older than most rookie QBs but we see that experience as a plus and a 24-year old rookie can still play at a high level for 8-10 years in this era of the NFL. He has good size at 6-2 and 216lbs and just enough mobility to be run threat when the situation calls for it. While he is not the guy to take off and run very often, we know he has the capability to do that.

The injuries are always going to be a concern but he has been healthy for 2 seasons while playing at an incredibly high level for Washington. He hasn’t missed a game in that span and has thrown for over 9,200 yards and 66 touchdowns with just 17 interceptions. We know that he is a gamer and is not scared of big-time moments and he would fit in perfectly in Las Vegas.