Raiders 7-round mock draft: Multiple trades land Las Vegas possible franchise QB

The Las Vegas Raiders made some big moves in free agency that will impact their draft targets so we go into this mock with a new mindset

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Defensive Tackle. 151. Gabe Hall. Gabe Hall. 151. . . player. . 460

We continue to stockpile late round picks to add depth in the front seven and trenches and we trade pick 147 to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for picks 151 and 235. With pick 147, we draft a versatile defensive lineman that has incredible physical strength but may be held back from being a star because of a lack of elite athleticism.

Gabe Hall out of Baylor is a big dude at 6-6 and 291lbs and he has the ability to line up in the interior on pass rushing downs and as a bigger edge in obvious run situations. His combine times were not very impressive compared to other edge players but he is on the more athletic side when compared to other defensive tackles.

Hall was also a member of the Bruce Feldman Freaks List which had this to say about him: “"The former high school shot putter, who had six sacks and seven TFLs in 2021, bench pressed 500 pounds, power-cleans 465 pounds, did 750 pounds on the trap bar deadlift and squatted 650 (the BU strength staff stopped him or else Hall’s probably lifting a lot more). He also hit 18.2 mph on the GPS."

Those traits alone make Hall a worthwhile selection this late in the draft as you can gamble on size and upside even if he lacks elite athleticism. This selection also allows the Raiders to focus on some other pressing needs in free agency and build out a young and deep defensive line.