Raiders 7-round mock draft: Las Vegas stays at No. 13, adds franchise QB

The Las Vegas Raiders grab another QB to fit their new offensive coordinator in this Super Bowl Week mock draft.
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13. . Quarterback. JJ McCarthy. 13. player. JJ McCarthy. . 485.

The Raiders hunt for a franchise QB continues and with the hire of Luke Getsy, they will be looking for a different answer at the position. Where Bo Nix and Michael Penix are all about experience and savvy, JJ McCarthy is all about youthful exuberance and a ton of physical tools.

McCarthy is a toolsy prospect that measures in at 6-3 and 202lbs and last ran an impressive 4.60 which puts him in the top 10% at the position. He is a little light for the position and his wirey frame is evident when you watch him play but he could fill out with an NFL strength training program and ease some of those concerns.

There’s a lot to love about this kid and most of those things are not about stats or eye popping numbers. In two years as a starter, McCarthy threw for 5,700 yards and 44 touchdowns with just 9 interceptions. These are solid numbers in a run-heavy offense but some of the other prospects threw for that many touchdowns in their final season alone.

The reports are that McCarthy was capable of being that prolific but the offense and team were simply not designed that way.

We mentioned the impressive physical tools that McCarthy has and he looks to have a strong enough arm to complete most of the throws at the pro level. He is a smart and physical player who is not afraid of contact and is seen as a “winner” by most folks scouting him.

The question now becomes if these physical tools can translate at the NFL level despite not having incredible stats and a ton of experience. The Raiders would be betting on upside here and it may be a gamble that pays off in a big way if McCarthy is still available here.