Raiders 7-round Mock Draft: Trading back on Day 1 and still selecting a franchise QB

The Las Vegas Raiders will be looking build a bully this offseason and that starts in the trenches. This mock draft is one way we see them doing that.

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44. 44. . T.J. Tampa. . player. 461. Cornerback. . T.J. Tampa

Physicality and toughness is not just reserved for the big guys as that attitude needs to be adopted by the skill position players as well. No one embodies that as well as TJ Tampa out of Iowa State and that's why we grab him here with the 44th overall pick.

Tampa has great size for a cornerback at 6-2 and 200 lbs and we are anxious to see what his forty time looks like but the previous reported number of 4.45 is great for a player with his size and strength. The Florida native has been a starter for the cyclones for the last two seasons and he has an excellent combination of size, agility, and skills.

He is not afraid to throw his weight around in the run game and is noted for his ability to make tackles in open space.

Antonio Pierce needs corners who can tackle but of course we need corners who can cover as well and Tampa excels in that category. He is a smart and cerebral player who also has the fluidity and acceleration needed to keep up with some of the fastest receivers in the game.

There is a tendency at times for Tampa to be a bit too aggressive but that can be harnessed and turn into a more productive force. The rest of this draft will be focused primarily on building up both sides of the line of scrimmage but as we've said multiple times, toughness and being a bully is not just reserved for the big guys.