Raiders 7-round NFL Mock Draft: Trading out of the first round, stacking picks

In our latest 7-round Raiders mock, Las Vegas trades completely out of the first round.
Raiders NFL Draft
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The Las Vegas Raiders seem to have paused activity in the free agent market in recent weeks though other teams have continued to make big splashes in acquiring big-name players. The headline news this week was the trade between the Bills and Texans that saw Stefon Diggs get sent to Houston for a second-round pick.

This may lead to the Bills getting aggressive to try and grab a top wide receiver which could end up benefiting the Raiders in their pursuit of a top QB.

In terms of this mock draft, that trade doesn’t impact the Raiders but what we chose to do here is try and maximize our picks in the top 100 which is where the majority of the talent is every year. The Raiders were solid last year but there are still big needs across the board and the way this mock shook out, we were able to fill our biggest need while still getting several extra picks in the top 100.

We also took a best player available approach while not repeating positions. If you recall we did this a few weeks ago but without trading down so the draft class ended up looking a little bit thin. We think the Raiders are taking a medium-term view of things as long as they can still get the QB of the future which they still do in the mock draft.

So with the “BPA” approach and the trading down to maximize top 100 picks in mind, let’s jump into a mock draft that should have the Raiders competing for the AFC West crown in no time at all.

Raiders 7-round NFL Mock Draft: Trading out of the first round, stacking picks