3 Las Vegas Raiders who are absolute bargains in 2024

Looking at the current Las Vegas Raiders roster and which players should be absolute bargains for the team in 2024.
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The Las Vegas Raiders have been busy building up their roster prior to the 2024 NFL Draft. New general manager Tom Telesco has made some nice moves, bringing in the likes of Christian Wilkins, as well as the returning John Jenkins and Adam Butler, while the loss of Josh Jacobs could hurt the team in 2024 and beyond.

Still, this is a roster that is in solid shape heading into the draft, and while more help is needed on both sides of the ball, it was a strong early free agency period for the Silver and Black. With all eyes on the 2024 NFL Draft later this month, we take a look at the state of the current roster, and see which players are going to be absolute bargains for the Raiders next season.

Las Vegas is looking to bounce back from another season under .500, and the hope is that Antonio Pierce can continue to move them in the right direction. They will need a strong draft class to fill in some of the holes, specifically in the secondary and along the offensive line, but the group is better suited to do so then they were a year ago.

Thanks to spotrac.com, let us take a look at some of the best deals on the current Raiders salary cap.

3 Raiders who are absolute bargains in 2024