3 Las Vegas Raiders who are absolute bargains in 2024

Looking at the current Las Vegas Raiders roster and which players should be absolute bargains for the team in 2024.
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2. Malcolm Koonce

Towards the end of the 2023 NFL season, the Raiders defense really hit their stride, and Malcolm Koonce was a big reason for their success. With Tyree Wilson struggling as a rookie, the Raiders were looking for another edge rusher to step up, and Koonce more than helped them in that department.

Koonce racked up eight sacks towards the end of the NFL season, showing the kind of promise that made him a third-round pick a few years ago. He is blessed with incredible burst coming off the edge, and his continued progress will go a long way in freeing up Maxx Crosby even more in the pass rush.

The veteran edge rusher will have a cap hit of only $1,590,260 this season, and incredible number for a guy who could reach double-digit sacks this season. If Koonce continues on this pace, you can expect a new contract coming in the very near future.