Raiders' AFC West rival may already have concerns about their first round pick

The AFC West is wide open now!
Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Minicamp
Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Minicamp / Kyle Rivas/GettyImages

June is no time to panic about football, unless you absolutely want to. The general public always overreacts to news stories that take place during OTAs and minicamp, and most of them don't even have the legs to still be a talking point by the time training camp rolls around in late July.


If you wanted to lean into some June football panic, Chiefs minicamp is a great place to find some. And that's because their 2024 first round pick, wide receiver Xavier Worthy, hasn't actually gotten on the field yet. Worthy's been sidelined with a hamstring issue for most of the team's offseason training program, and once again wasn't on the field for their last day of minicamp:

If you wanted to say, "Well, it sounds like he'll be ready for training camp, so this is a non-story and a stupid blog," I certainly wouldn't stop you. But you could also say, "hey, their first round pick – who's known for his world-class speed – is already dealing with hammy issues. Soft tissue injuries are notoriously tough to get over, and this is the Raiders' opening for a run at the AFC West" not only would I not stop you, but I would encourage it.

If Chiefs' fans aren't panicking yet, why not be a good neighbor and help them get there? Surely Raiders fans can band together and stoke the flames. You have six weeks to get in Chiefs heads before the season starts and they casually waltz to a 13-win season. Good luck.