3 backup plans for Raiders after Josh Jacobs signs with Packers

Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs
Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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It was anyone's guess as to whether or not Josh Jacobs was indeed going to leave the Las Vegas Raiders in free agency, although dating back to last offseason, it seemed like a foregone conclusion.

Head coach Antonio Pierce loved Jacobs, and the interim-turned-full-time head man certainly had to play a factor in Jacobs giving some thought to his decision.

Ultimately, Jacobs opted to sign with the Green Bay Packers, though. That leaves the Raiders and their fan base wondering, what's next?

There are some decent backup options available whether it be via the 2024 NFL Draft, free agency, or even starting on the roster already. Let's look at some options that make sense for Vegas.

1. Zamir White

We have to start with the guy the Raiders invested a fourth-round pick into two years ago. The Georgia product, Zamir White, filled in for an injured Jacobs last year and performed admirably. It was probably easiest for the Raiders to move on from Jacobs knowing they had a guy who is very similar in skill set.

White stands six feet, 215 pounds and possesses a similar physical style to Jacobs. It should also be said that the running back landscape has, indeed, changed. Although we're seeing some running backs getting paid more this offseason, like Jacobs, it's still a position that can be found easily in the draft. White, though, was already a similar back to Jacobs, so it made sense to let him go.

Last season, White ran it 104 times for 451 yards. He also caught 15 passes for 98 yards. White will get the first crack at the starting gig, but don't put it past the Raiders not to address the position in a notable way in the near future.