3 backup plans for Raiders after Josh Jacobs signs with Packers

Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs
Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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3. Austin Ekeler

Finally, if the Raiders wanted to find a change-of-pace type of back to play alongside White, they could look at bringing over Austin Ekeler from their division rival. Tom Telesco knows Austin Ekeler well, and maybe that doesn't bode well for Ekeler's chances in Las Vegas. Who knows.

But, Ekeler would be a great fit. White is the bigger back, while Ekeler gives the Raiders a pass catcher who excels in space. As a one-two punch, Ekeler and White would play well off of one another. And, nobody knows Ekeler better than Las Vegas. This would be a true scenario of sweet revenge in the making.

Believe it or not, the Raiders have actually done a great job against Ekeler over the course of his career. Las Vegas has only allowed one 100-yard rushing game by Ekeler in 12 tries. They know him well, they know what makes him tick. And, that could also play into the Raiders pursuing the former Chargers running back.

Whichever route the Raiders decide to go, the fact of the matter is, they're not even close to a finished product in their running back room. But, they do have options.