Raiders at Bills 2023 Week 2: 3 things to watch

The Las Vegas Raiders will be put to the test against one of the best AFC teams this weekend as they travel to Buffalo to play the Bills who just lost a tight game to the Jets.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Raiders defense line needs to be more aggressive in the passing attack

The Raiders last week had a lackluster game against a not-so-good Broncos offensive line. The Raiders did well in the rushing defense department and forced the Broncos to pass. This being said the linebackers are still the biggest question mark on this team this season.

The Raiders need the defense to help win this game for the Raiders this week and in doing so, they need to force Allen to make mistakes. The Jets' defensive line played aggressively and helped the secondary as Allen threw a relay bad interception while on the run.

Tyree Wilson for lack of a better term looked slow and lazy. This isn't to say he is a lazy player, but compared to how Crosby was getting off the line, he was clearly slow and it was noticeable.