Raiders vs Chargers 2023 Week 15: Studs and Duds

The Las Vegas Raiders blew out the Los Angeles Chargers in historic fashion on Thursday night. Here are the Studs and Duds from an incredible night in Las Vegas in Week 15. 

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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 Stud – Raiders HC Antonio Pierce

As we mentioned in the opening slide, this game was a huge feather in the cap of Antonio Pierce and a big bullet point in his claim for the permanent job. The pressure was definitely mounting on the interim head coach after the 3-0 loss to the Minnesota Vikings and he and his team responded in a major way.

We didn't know what the Raiders would look like after that loss and they could have easily rolled over the way the chargers did in this game. Instead they fought back with a vengeance  showed that they could be capable of great things as a team. Mark Davis will definitely take into account that Pierce and the Raiders have taken advantage of some awful quarterbacks but they are also working with a third string quarterback themselves.

We could see mark Davis convincing himself that Pierce could have a Dan Campbell like impact on the team and that all he is missing is a talented offensive coordinator and a quarterback. This is the type of game that Pierce will always have on his side during any negotiations or interviews and he may have won over a significant percentage of Raiders fans as well.

Even if Pierce does not end up with the permanent job we will always have this memory to lord over Chargers fans for a very long time.