Raiders vs Chiefs 2023 Week 12: Studs and Duds

The Las Vegas Raiders were outclassed yet again by the Kansas City Chiefs at home, here are the Studs and Duds from a big loss in Week 12. 

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders / Jeff Bottari/GettyImages
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 Raiders CB Marcus Peters - Dud

It feels kind of harsh to include Marcus Peters as a dud considering he is no longer a member of the team but he deserves to get one last dud award on his way out of the building. Peters has long been a mercurial player who decided his effort level in a game from play to play.

 In the past he could get away with that lack of effort on certain plays and a complete aversion to making tackles because he was an elite shutdown corner and was an absolute ball hawk as well.  Now that he is no longer that caliber of player, one would hope that he would bring up his effort level to compensate but through12 weeks we have seen very little of that.

Peters now has a low light reel of hilariously bad tackle attempts and his latest one against Kansas City saw him benched for the second half. This staff appears to have little patience for that kind of effort and he has been replaced in the starting lineup and on the roster by newcomer Jack Jones. Peters will likely end up signing elsewhere considering the high turnover rate at the cornerback position but any team signing him should watch some of these “tackle”  attempts and think twice about bringing him in.