Comparing 3 Las Vegas Raiders rookies with current NFL players

These three Las Vegas Raiders 2024 draft picks have the potential to be great.
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Trey Taylor

- Justin Simmons, S Free Agent (Broncos)
- Andre Cisco, S Jaguars
- Tyrann Mathieu, S Saints

- Exceptional at Taking Angles
- Very Athletic, Speed (Former RB)
- Excellent in Coverage (especially man coverage)
- Can Play Run/Blitz
- Very High Football IQ

- Can Struggle in Zone Coverage
- Difficult Time Going Against Bigger O-Line

Even at this early stage of his Raider career, the rookie safety is drawing attention. Taylor's drawn comparisons to NFL safeties Justin Simmons and Andre Cisco during his time playing collegiately at Air Force. Yet, another player that seems to fit the Raiders' apparent draft-day target of versatility once more.

The coaching staff is already wondering how Taylor fell to the seventh round and believe they may have gotten away with a steal after his performance at rookie camp. It is almost a given that the rookie safety will contribute on special teams, and there have been rumblings throughout the organization that he will be competing for a spot on the depth chart.

After watching Taylor play in college and analyzing his strengths, weaknesses, athleticism, and quickness, I've concluded that the rookie in the NFL is comparable to safety Tyrann Mathieu (Saints). Both players play in very similar ways—attacking the ball, being very athletic, excelling in man coverage, and having the ability to use speed and blitz when called upon.

Similar to Mathieu, Taylor's football IQ could be his biggest strength. One of the main talking points about Trey Taylor is the incredible feel for the game and on-field IQ, the same way people talk about Tyrann Mathieu.

It's going to be interesting to watch how these rookies develop throughout the season; this draft class is undoubtedly very exciting. One of the best things is that these new hires are joining a company with a clear identity, a desire to win, and a strategy for achieving success. So perhaps this is the first draft class in some time, that will join a locker room with a "Commitment to Excellence"