Raiders' Davante Adams fuels more Jets trade speculation with recent Twitter likes

Twitter likes are the last frontier of modern sports journalism.

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Raiders' offseason is officially underway, and honestly, it's sort of surprising it took 48 hours to get more Davante Adams trade speculation. This round, of course, involves the Jets because it always involves the Jets, and will always involve the Jets until the Jets no longer exist. In 50 years, someone will be blogging and tweeting about how the Raiders should have traded Davante Adams to the Jets. And if Adams is still on Twitter, people will wait patiently for him to like it. This is the social contract we've all willingly signed up -- but hopefully aren't paying monthly -- for. Today's example includes a punter, so that's fun!

If you're like me and wondering how a random picture of Jets' wide reciver Garrett Wilson and punter Thomas Morestead has anything to do with Davante Adams, let me explain what's really happening here:

1. Morestead wore #5, which is not interesting on its own but, as you'll soon see, is a crucial part of our story.

2. Morestead is giving his number to Wilson, which seems like a nice gesture between teammates and certainly isn't unheard of.

3. BUT -- and we're going full Reddit now - that means that Wilson won't wear his old number anymore.

4. Which is ESPECIALLY juicy when you remember that his number was 17.

5. So now, in theory, the Jets don't have anyone wearing #17, which, you maaaaay remember, happened to be Davante Adams' number. Huh!

Everyone on Jets Twitter put that together, and then got each other in a frenzy when Adams actually went ahead and liked the Tweet. (If Rule 1 is Never Tweet, Rule 2 is Never Like Tweets.) He quickly unliked said tweet, probably because he values his sanity. Everyone thinks that Aaron Rodgers is the one orchestrating the Adams trade, but in reality, it was Thomas Morestead all along.


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