Las Vegas Raiders have big decisions looming in 2024 free agency

Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks
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Raiders could lose both starting running backs

Staying with the Jacobs narrative, the running back has yet to sign his franchise tag, and the worry is that the team will not come to a long-term deal with him this offseason. Jacobs set the NFL on fire last season, but that was after Ziegler did not pick up his fifth-year option, so he was definitely playing with a chip on his shoulder.

If Jacobs does sign the franchise tag this offseason, that will make him under contract for only the 2023 season, though the team could tag him again next year. The likelihood that Jacobs will sign two franchise tags is slim to none, and most believe if he does not get a long-term deal this summer, he could hold out all training camp, and possibly the season.

Jacobs loves playing football, and is still only 25-years old, so the likelihood that he does not play in 2023 is slim. However, if the Raiders cannot get him under contract this offseason, this saga could go on for the next 12 months, and when you consider fullback Jakob Johnson is also entering a free agency year next offseason, the Raiders could lose both starting running backs.