Las Vegas Raiders defense could be the best in football this upcoming season

The Raiders are establishing their own identity: Defense.
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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The Las Vegas Raiders boast one of the most anticipated defenses in recent memory. They are expected to perform exceptionally well, not only by a devoted Raider Nation, but also by the media and the league.

Here, I'll take you through why this year's defensive unit not only meets, but easily exceeds, high expectations.

To properly illustrate why this defense has the potential for greatness, we will need to go back to the end of last season. A season packed with turbulence, yet many would argue that despite failing to make the playoffs, it concluded on a positive note.

The team found a coach whom the players and fans could unite around, and his enthusiasm for the organization is palpable, as he is a defensive-minded coach who has molded his coaching staff and team after himself. Since the bye week last season (week 13), the defense has allowed a league-leading 15 points per game.

Not to mention the Week 16 matchup in Arrowhead, where the eventual Super Bowl champion Chiefs scored the same number of touchdowns as the Raiders defense (2). This game in particular provided everyone with a glimpse into what this unit is capable of and it helped the Raiders defense finish 8th in overall defense, according to Pro Football Focus.

Which is the highest they have ever been ranked to end a season