Las Vegas Raiders defense could be the best in football this upcoming season

The Raiders are establishing their own identity: Defense.
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Raiders have found their identity

A team finds it very difficult to be successful when they lack a sense of identity. An organization's success depends on being able to establish one, and this is something the Raiders have struggled with over the past few years.

There was no feeling of identity or direction, which began with the head coach. Now you have a head coach whose players would run through a wall for; his enthusiasm is evident, his direction is obvious and it is becoming clear the type of team he wants.

An aggressive, hard-hitting group that no other team looks forward to facing. This season, the Raiders may need to rely heavily on their defense, which is enhanced by excellent coaching and talent across the board. It will be thrilling to witness a defense this year that exudes confidence and knows exactly what it means to wear the Raiders uniform.