Raiders disrespected in 2024 roster projection from ESPN

Three analysts from the network ranked NFL rosters and made predictions about each team.
Las Vegas Raiders OTA Offseason Workout
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Biggest Weakness

"“Biggest weakness: Quarterback. Perhaps the league's most underwhelming QB situation will involve a battle between 2023 fourth-round pick  and veteran newcomer . Minshew was solid (13th in QBR) in place of injured  in Indianapolis last season, whereas O'Connell held down the fort (25th) after replacing  in Las Vegas. The Raiders will need O'Connell to make a big leap and become a gem Day 3 find. ""

Mike Clay

Quarterback is undoubtedly the most important position on the field and it is still a question mark for the team, so I get this one to an extent. However, I disagree strongly that we may have the league’s most “underwhelming QB situation."

Mike Clay tries to undermine Aidan O’Connell’s ability multiple times by referring to him as a later-round pick when in reality, he was a starter for over half the season last year. Not only this, but he went 5-4 once he got the full-time gig including a victory over the Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium, making him the last QB to beat Patrick Mahomes to date. It is perplexing that the analysts see a second-year jump for Tyree Wilson and not for O’Connell, but I suppose time will tell for both of them.

Gardner Minshew finished with the 13th-best QBR last year, as they mentioned, and he almost led the Colts to the playoffs. Later, you will see that ESPN projects Minshew to be the starter, which makes it more puzzling that they think the roster is so bad in its entirety. This metric puts Minshew firmly in the middle of the pack among QBs and with far better weapons than he had last season, why would he not have a better year in 2024? Regardless of who is the starter, there is no chance that the roster should be ranked so low because of them.