Raiders disrespected in 2024 roster projection from ESPN

Three analysts from the network ranked NFL rosters and made predictions about each team.
Las Vegas Raiders OTA Offseason Workout
Las Vegas Raiders OTA Offseason Workout / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Projected Starters

Overall, ESPN missed the mark on their starter's predictions. O’Connell will be the starter on Day 1, not Minshew. They provide 12 starters to account for different formations on the starting snap, but even if the Raiders were to start with three wide receivers, I think the third would be Tre Tucker, not Michael Gallup. I also have a hard time believing that the team would start two inexperienced players together on the right side of the line. Instead, Jackson Powers-Johnson slides to left guard alongside Kolton Miller and Parham flips to the right guard position to help out the inexperienced Munford. 

As far as overall ranking, the roster is far better than 26th even though the Raiders' quarterback situation is not yet figured out. The Tennessee Titans are just ahead of us at 25, which confounds reason because Las Vegas' roster is stronger throughout, and either of their QBs are better than what Will Levis showed last year. The Chargers being ahead of us at 24 is frustrating as well because while their QB is way better than what we have, he is not good enough to elevate what is a dumpster fire of an offense.

Their defense was weak last season and is getting much older, so I don’t see them improving very much either. The last team I have a problem with being ahead of the Raiders is the Vikings at 23. Their offensive line is more proven than the Raiders' is, and their receiving core clears Las Vegas' slightly, but at the quarterback position, I feel like the Silver and Black are in a better situation. Minshew is better than Darnold and AOC has more experience than McCarthy. The Raiders' defense is also dramatically better than Minnesota’s, so I refuse to see how their roster ranks ahead of ours as a whole.

Once again, these projections are just that: projections. The real game will be played on grass, not on paper, and the Raiders will be able to control their own destiny throughout the season, one week at a time. Wins and losses matter, not the media’s impressions of how talented or cohesive a roster is. I am excited to watch this team prove people wrong.