Raiders at Dolphins 2023 Week 11: Things we learned

The Las Vegas Raiders lost to the Miami Dolphins 20-13 on Sunday, and here are three things we learned in the loss.

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Raiders OC Bo Hardagree Is Still Learning

In his third game as the offensive coordinator, Bo Hardagree had a performance that was one to forget. Namely, his playcalling was simply way too passive. In a game where the defense consistently forced turnovers to get him the ball back in scoring position, there was a shockingly low amount of urgency. 

Obviously, it is hardly a perfect scenario to step into as a playcaller with a rookie quarterback who was selected in the fourth round and missing your starting left tackle. 

Still, the commitment to the wide receiver screens was consistently a detriment to the offense that put them behind the sticks and made things unnecessarily difficult on O’Connell while also basically eliminating the run game on second and long. 

While Hardagree has had his struggles, he has still found some success in his short time as a playcaller. Josh Jacobs recently had his first 100-yard game of the season and Davante Adams doesn’t look like he hates football anymore. 

It is hard to judge him harshly based on the situation he was thrown into but in a results-based industry like the NFL, the Raiders offense simply has to be better if they are going to beat good teams like the one they played this week. 

As the team prepares to play the Kansas City Chiefs before the bye week, it will be interesting to see how Hardagree game plans when matched up with another one of the NFL’s best teams.