Raiders former HC Josh McDaniels tried to kill it, but the fun is back in Las Vegas

Since the news that Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler were relieved of their duties, it seems the fun is back for the Raiders.
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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Raiders former HC is not in fact his former boss

When it came to Josh McDaniels and the Raiders, his biggest flaw in trying to emulate the Bill Belichick way, is that he himself is not Bill Belichick. Perhaps if the Raiders had come out the gates strong in his first season then he could point to their success as proof that his methods were working.

Instead, they fell flat early, blowing big leads and choking in dramatic fashion which helped fracture a locker room that had expressed support for Rich Bisaccia during the offseason.

In his previous stint with the Denver Broncos, it was reported that McDaniels struggled with connecting with players and managing egos in the locker room. When asked about this before his Raiders tenure, McDaniels said that he had grown from the experience, and was ready to take on a new challenge with a new approach. Unfortunately from all reports we have seen that McDaniels reverted to his old ways in clash with veteran players in the locker room like Derek Carr, Denzel Perryman, Darren, Waller, and others.

These clashes with talented players were dismissed by some fans, especially those with an anti-Carr agenda, as McDaniel simply filtering out the bad apples in the bunch. His supporters believed that McDaniels was on the right path, and that by making the Raiders a more serious team off the field, it would eventually lead to wins on the field.

What would eventually transpire instead was the discord in the locker room would eventually make its way to the field, and with a rigid culture in place, there was no room for the players to vent and get loose.