Raiders vs Giants 2023 Week 9: Studs and Duds

The Las Vegas Raiders Wrapped up a wild week with a huge win against the New York Giants, here are the studs and Duds from a cathartic victory in Week 9.
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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 Raiders team owner Mark Davis - Stud

It's hard to think of another owner who takes as much on the chin as Mark Davis does. Fans and media folks make fun of his haircut, and his low-key demeanor, and often accuse him of being too broke to make major financial decisions. They also criticize him for chasing the glory days and allowing himself to be seduced by The Patriot Way.

The biggest jab they throw at him is that he is not as ruthless and capable as his father Al Davis was during those glory days. Well this week, Mark Davis showed the world that he is far from broke and has the stomach to make tough decisions when the time comes.

Davis reportedly shelled out $45 million to relieve Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler of their duties and he showed that he is willing to listen to the fans who were crying out for a replacement at head coach.  He has shown that he knows how to build a winning franchise, albeit in a different sport, through his success with the Las Vegas Aces,  but we have yet to see the same magic touch with the Raiders.

Perhaps now that Mark has flirted with and been burned by trying to emulate another franchise, he will remember his roots and stick to the Raider way. He also likely learned his lesson that coaching in the NFL is just as much about people management and personality management than it is about x's and O's. We don't doubt that Josh McDaniels is a football savant but it doesn't matter how brilliant you are on a whiteboard if you can't get your players to believe in you and what you are preaching.

Davis saw what interim head coach Rich Bisaccia was able to squeeze out of his players in 2021 and he may be seeing a familiar resurgence with Antonio Pierce. Here’s hoping that Davis makes the right decision this time around and sticks with the Raider Way if Pierce and his staff are able to impress enough to earn the job.