Raiders GM comments on possibly trading No. 13 pick

What is the plan?
NFL Draft
NFL Draft / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders own the 13th pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. What will they decide to do with that pick? Will they stand pat, will they trade up, or will they move back?

Raiders GM Tom Telesco spoke to the media ahead of the draft and was asked if he planned to move out of the 13th spot in the first round.

"We have a plan right now to go up if we have to and be aggressive with it, we got a plan to stick and pick obviously. And we got a plan to go back if it’s within a certain range. It’s been normal this year just like other years. There’s been conversations with other teams, but it’s probably more general than specific."

In other words, Telesco is giving the same that pretty much any GM would give this time of year. It's the typical "We'll move up if we need to or we'll move back if we need to" schpeal and there's nothing wrong with having this kind of attitude. The draft is unpredictable and if there's a run on quarterbacks happening in the first 10 picks, the Raiders might be forced to move up if they decide they want to take a chance and draft one.

Tom Telesco is vague about moving up or down in first round

The only way the Raiders would likely move out of the 13th spot to move up in the draft is if a quarterback they like has fallen and is within reach. Truthfully, they might not even need to move out of the 13th pick if they're wanting someone like Bo Nix or Michael Penix Jr., though taking either of those guys at 13 could be considered a reach.

That being said, if the Raiders have a player they like, Telesco clearly has a plan to move up and get said player. He's not a stranger to how drafts work and knows what plan to execute depending on the situation.