Raiders got trashed by CBS Sports in the 2024 NFL Draft grades

A little harsh, CBS.
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / David Eulitt/GettyImages

Happy Draft Grades day!

Monday brings us the 3rd round of draft grades since the event actually ended less than 48 hours ago, but 48 hours is basically an eternity on the internet. Now that the dust has settled on everyone's draft class, these are the grades that'll stick around until we inevitably re-draft and re-grade the sometime in the middle of next season.

The latest draft roundup comes from CBS Sports, who released a comprehensive list of opinions on Monday titled "NFL Draft 2024 grades for all 32 teams, including best and worst picks." If you're a Raiders fan looking for some much needed good news after your favorite team was the only one in the Top 15 to not land a QB this year, this next part is NOT for you.

Raiders got trashed by CBS Sports in the 2024 NFL Draft grades

Here's what CBS had to say about the Raiders best pick, their worst pick, and just their draft strategy overall:

Best Pick: Fourth-round corner Decamerion Richardson from Mississippi State is a long corner who can play man coverage and will compete for playing time right away. He's a good corner and the Raiders need one to emerge.

Worst Pick: I think tight end Brock Bowers is a good player, but why take him when you took Michael Mayer last year and he flashed big time late last season? They had other needs. This was a luxury pick.

The Skinny: They didn't get a chance to take one of the top quarterbacks since they were all gone, so they took Bowers. Like I said, good player, but needed other positions. Oregon center Jackson Powers-Johnson came in the second, and he is moving to guard. I didn't love fourth-round tackle Delmar Glaze.

They gave them a C overall, which isn't particularly exciting but does still get the Raiders a degree. Brock Bowers is a much better player than Michael Mayer, which probably helps explain why they took him. But now you know that CBS Sports doesn't love the Raiders draft class. Do with that what you will.