Raiders Jimmy Garoppolo on wrong side of history with the franchise

While some veteran quarterbacks have come in and fueled success for the Raiders franchise, Jimmy Garoppolo was unfortunately not one of them.

Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions
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Remembering the old veteran QBs the Raiders brought in

Now, I’m not old enough to remember the Lamonica or Plunkett play. I had just turned two when Plunkett won his second Super Bowl. What I do remember is the moderate success of the Jay Schroeder and Jeff Hostetler years and later, the greatness of Rich Gannon.

The Raiders brought all of these guys in from other teams.

There is also a slew of failed draft picks. While Carr never reached the levels that Raider Nation expects, he isn’t counted here. He doesn’t compare to the woeful careers of Todd Marinovich, Marques Tuiasosopo, or Andrew Walter. Oh yeah, there's also that JaMarcus Russell guy.

The Raiders always struggled to draft quarterbacks. Throughout their history, they only drafted four in the first round, and Roman Gabriel opted to play with the Los Angeles Rams. Both teams drafted him before the merger, which allowed Gabriel to pick where he wanted to play. Russell, Marinovich, and Wilson are the three who played with the team, and none of their careers were worth the pick.