Raiders Jimmy Garoppolo on wrong side of history with the franchise

While some veteran quarterbacks have come in and fueled success for the Raiders franchise, Jimmy Garoppolo was unfortunately not one of them.

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Jimmy Garoppolo failed with the Raiders

Garoppolo’s signing caused memories to bubble up of past glory. A cast-off veteran trying to rekindle his career with the Raiders. The story rings true for plenty of the greatest Raiders of all time not just quarterbacks. Raider Nation was a little torn with his arrival.

Some liked it, some hated it, and some were just happy that Carr was gone.

Unfortunately, we all missed something. The successful veteran quarterbacks that came to the Raiders all have something in common. They all wanted to prove themselves. They were backups or failed starters. Guys who never reached their potential in the league. This is true of Lamonica, Plunkett, and Gannon who all led the Raiders to the Super Bowl.

Lamonica only started four games in four seasons with the Bills before being traded to the Raiders. New England picked Plunkett with the first pick in 1971 after he won the Heisman. He washed out with the Patriots and then the 49ers before coming to the Raiders as a backup. Gannon struggled in the league for 12 years before uniting with Jon Gruden.

Jimmy Garoppolo already proved himself. He already took San Francisco to the Super Bowl. There are even stories out there that Bill Belichick wanted to trade Tom Brady to keep Garoppolo on the roster. Garoppolo really doesn’t have anything left to prove. The often-injured quarterback was just getting another payday.

We were hoping for Rich Gannon. We got Kerry Collins.