Las Vegas Raiders: Josh Jacobs and his place in team history

Josh Jacobs has become a force for the Raiders franchise, but what is his place in team history?
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Jacobs near the top in even more Raiders statistical categories

The impressive statistics for Jacobs does not stop at his total rushing yards, which were aided by his breakout season in 2022. In fact, Jacobs is atop the Raiders statistical leaderboard in a number of categories, including yards per game.

Jacobs is current No. 1 all-time in Raiders history in yards per game with a mark of 79.0. Behind him is the legendary Bo Jackson, who could have been all over the all-time leaderboard in a number of statistical categories had he not suffered a career-ending hip injury.

To put Jacobs mark into perspective, Marshawn Lynch is No. 3 overall at 60.3 yards per game, and Allen's career mark with the Raiders was 58.9.

Only heading into his fourth season, Jacobs is also already No. 3 on the Raiders all-time rushing touchdowns list behind only Allen (79), and Pete Banaszak (47). Jacobs has found the end zone on the ground 40 times in four seasons, including 12 during the 2022 campaign alone.