Why Raiders Legend Shane Lechler Will Be a Hall of Famer

The Las Vegas Raiders franchise already has an all-time great punter in the Hall of Fame in Ray Guy, and here is why Shane Lechler will join him there.
Shane Lechler - Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders
Shane Lechler - Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders / Jason O. Watson/GettyImages
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I realize that endorsing former players who aren’t in the Hall of Fame has become an overdone, tiresome act, but there is a Raiders player who should get in. And I’m not the type of person who thinks every snub needs to get into the Hall of Fame.

Every fan base has a handful of fan favorites who never got inducted and they think it’s a crime. For as long as this honor has existed, there has been someone, somewhere complaining that the institution is missing a beloved player.

But the Hall of Fame isn’t for everyone. It’s for the best of the best. And that’s why the argument for Shane Lechler is different than the monotonous “how is this guy not in the Hall of Fame!” preaching we so often see from sports fans.

He is the best to ever play his position. And if you’re the best player to ever play your position, then you should be in the Hall of Fame. He perfected the art of punting a football. Lechler’s career stats place him on that throne.