Why Raiders Legend Shane Lechler Will Be a Hall of Famer

The Las Vegas Raiders franchise already has an all-time great punter in the Hall of Fame in Ray Guy, and here is why Shane Lechler will join him there.
Shane Lechler - Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders
Shane Lechler - Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders / Jason O. Watson/GettyImages
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Raiders punter Lechler needs to be in Canton

Perhaps my favorite stat is that 178 punts in his career resulted in a touchback. That’s an NFL record. That also equates to 12.3% of all his punts resulting in a touchback, which is tied for 2nd most in NFL history among punters with at least 1,000 career punts (only behind Ray Guy’s 15.9%). In 7 playoff games with the Raiders, an impactful 11.8% of his punts were touchbacks.

I don’t know when it will it when happen, but at some point, the man with a Hall of Fame career from start to finish will wear a gold jacket. His photo will be on the locker room hallway for every future Raider to see as they take the field. His number will be on the wall of the 200 level at Allegiant Stadium for all the fans to see.

Based on his stats alone, he should be a semifinalist in 2024 and a finalist in 2025. Based on reality, it could take decades. He deserves it and he’s earned it. Perhaps the voters will make him wait a couple decades like Guy. Perhaps they need to make sure he’s the one before giving him the once-in-a-century punter spot in Canton – to be sure another punter doesn’t come along, surpass all Lechler’s records, and knock Lechler from that once-in-a-century punter spot. Regardless of when it happens, it will happen and he will forever exist in football eternity.

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