Raiders at Lions 2023 Week 8: 3 things to watch

The Las Vegas Raiders are traveling to the Midwest once again as they take on another NFC North team. This time, they will take on the Cinderella story Detroit Lions.
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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Get the Raiders running game going

Every week the same story is told: I beg the Raiders to get the running game going and if they don't then the game gets out of hand and the game is lost on turnovers. The Raiders offense is set up to keep the ball away from the other team and the coaching staff needs to keep that in mind.

Neither the defense nor the offense can handle a shootout. This week, the Raiders need to get that running game going and stop believing they can put up 30 points every week. It has been reported that Josh McDaniels is coaching scared, and that is a bad sign heading into a matchup against one of the best teams in the NFC.

You can watch the Raiders take on the Lions on Monday Night Football on ESPN. It is another primetime matchup for the Silver and Black, and hopefully they can take care of business like they did the last time they were in primetime against an NFC North opponent, where they took down the Green Bay Packers.