The Rise of a Condor: Maxx Crosby is Now the Face of the Raiders

Maxx Crosby during New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders in 2022
Maxx Crosby during New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders in 2022 / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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It was a cold, clear December evening in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Raiders had lost five of their previous six games, and desperately needed a win to keep their 2021 season alive. Moments before taking the field, Maxx Crosby got the news. He was chosen to the Pro Bowl for the first time in his young career – an honor that only the best players in the league could receive.

But there was no time to celebrate, or even reflect. There was a game to win.

Down by one point, Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson hit a season-saving field goal as time expired to beat the Browns. They needed this (and would also need to win all three games after this to make the playoffs, which they did). The players stormed the field in jubilation. Their adrenalin spilled into the locker room.

Crosby was finally able to catch his breath when he sat down at the podium to speak with reporters. In such a violent sport, this is often the moment where players come back down to Earth, and their hours-long intensity subsides. After discussing the team’s performance at length, the last question of the press conference was about his personal accomplishment that day.

“I’m going to get emotional,” said Crosby as his voice cracked while fighting back tears, “I was in rehab almost two years ago, and now I’m in the Pro Bowl.”

At that moment, the “Condor," a nickname given to Crosby by football analyst Brian Baldinger because of his incredible 81-inch wingspan) realized there was no limit to what could be accomplished in his life.