3 Raiders who need to change their narrative in 2024

The Las Vegas Raiders are looking to make the playoffs next season, and here are three players to get excited about.
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
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2. Tre Tucker

Our next player is trying to change his narrative, but not because people feel he had a down rookie season. In fact, Tre Tucker was a breath of fresh air at times for the Raiders, displaying incredible downfield ability in the passing game.

In 2024, Tucker will have to prove that he is more than just a big-play threat, as he will likely slide right in as the team's starting slot wide receiver. Tucker has to prove that he is an excellent route-runner as well, and if he can do that, then he has more than enough athletic ability to become a well-rounded receiver.

The Raiders need Tucker to step up in a big way this season, as he will be the No. 3 option at the position group behind Jakobi Meyers and Davante Adams. Tucker proved that he can beat anybody in a foot race last season, and now, he must go from explosive downfield threat, to a player that can go over the middle and make tough catches.