Raiders need to retire these five jersey numbers immediately

The Raiders franchise does not retire jersey numbers, but they should change that for these five players.

Oakland Raiders v Cleveland Browns
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The Raiders franchise is one of the most decorated not only in NFL history but in the history of professional sports. The iconic Silver and Black jerseys have not changed much since the team moved on from their early gold and black uniforms back in 1963, and throughout that time, some immortal players have donned them.

Despite their long history of producing Hall of Fame players, the Raiders are a franchise that has never retired jersey numbers. Sometime, a number is handed down to another solid player, but more often than not, we continue to see subpar players wearing some of the more legendary numbers in team history.

While the team is not likely to be retiring any jersey numbers any time soon, it is something that team owner Mark Davis should think about. There are certain players who deserve the right for nobody to ever where their number in the Silver and Black, and while there could be more than five of them, these five numbers should definitely be the first ones to be retired.

Here, we go into five jersey numbers that the Raiders need to retire.

Raiders need to retire these five jersey numbers immediately