Raiders news: What we learned after first round of 2024 OTAs

The whole vibe around the Las Vegas Raiders is different this year.
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Should the Raiders worry about Jackson Powers-Johnson?

The only negative information from OTAs, which shouldn't worry Raider supporters too much, is that rookie offensive lineman Jackson Powers-Johnson appeared to have suffered a minor injury. We can only speculate and hope it's not too serious as not much information has been released about the nature of the issue.

In the event that the injury is severe for any reason, the offensive line's depth and attention that has been placed on it this offseason will prove helpful.

So that, we can conclude the OTAs wrap up with a positive note. There have been a lot of reports about Coach Pierce changing the atmosphere and general tone of the organization, coaching staff, and locker room. The overall vibe, demeanor and confidence is totally different This is exactly what we thought and hoped for.