Raiders news: Who benefits most from the Antonio Pierce's hiring?

The Las Vegas Raiders gave Antonio Pierce the full-time head coaching gig on Friday, and here is who benefits most from that.
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Mark Davis will be beloved by Raiders fans for this hire

When Davis decided to move on from Bisaccia, it was met with much hate from the Raiders faithful. The interim head coach had brought the franchise back to life, and led them to only their second playoff appearance since the 2002 NFL season.

We all know the story, and now, two years later, Davis was intent on not making the same mistake. It appears the players and fans had his ear during this go-around, and in the end, the move to Pierce will be met with love from Raider Nation.

Davis has not always been a favorite of the Raider faithful, as many feel he makes terrible decisions in terms of running the franchise. However, this is a move that will be praised across the board, from the players to the fans, so he really cannot lose by making this decision.

If Pierce fails, it won't be Davis's fault, something that has not been the case with his other hires. If he succeeds, he will look like a hero who has his fans best interest at heart, and players are going to want to come play for Las Vegas more than they have in the past.