NFL Rankings: Raiders Davante Adams still a top-10 wide receiver?

Maybe the most loaded position in the NFL currently, how does the top ten stack up, and were does Raiders star Davante Adams fit in?
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As the NFL continues to be dominated by offensive-minded coaches, the wide receiver position has become one of the most valuable on the field, and the Las Vegas Raiders have a special one in Davante Adams. With an elite player at the position capable of elevating the entire unit, it is no question why nearly every team is doing whatever it takes to secure one.

With such an onus being put on the position, it can become difficult to rank them. Often dependent on external factors such as play calling and quarterback play, the truly transcendent receivers can take over a game at any time, in any circumstance.

With that said, there are certainly more than just ten great wide receivers in the NFL today. In fact, many teams have more than one stud at the position as teams jockey for aerial supremacy in the modern NFL.

However, when narrowing the list down to just ten, we truly get the best of the best. So while top tier guys such as Cooper Kupp and Keenan Allen didn't crack the list, they find themselves placed just on the outside of it.

While last season was the most prominent factor in determining these rankings, the past years these players have recorded were taken into account as well to create the top ten wide receivers in the NFL currently.

NFL Rankings: Raiders Davante Adams still a top-10 wide receiver?