NFL Rankings: Raiders Davante Adams still a top-10 wide receiver?

Maybe the most loaded position in the NFL currently, how does the top ten stack up, and were does Raiders star Davante Adams fit in?
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8. Mike Evans

A model of consistency in a sport that rarely has any, Mike Evans recorded a 1,000-receiving-yard season for the tenth time in his career, which is every season of his career. The craziest part of this streak is the quarterbacks he has accomplished it with.

Doing so with Tom Brady was no problem at all, but this year he was forced to make do with Baker Mayfield. While there are certainly worst quarterbacks to be catching passes from, this was one of his hardest tasks yet.

Instead, he responded with 1,255 receiving yards and a league-leading 13 touchdown receptions for a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that won the division in their first year without Brady. A statement of a season, many NFL fans and media members began to assert that Evans deserves some discussion as a Hall of Famer.

With career numbers that exceed some of the best ever, and still counting, it gets increasingly likelier Evans is enshrined in Canton with every catch he makes.