NFL Rankings: Raiders Davante Adams still a top-10 wide receiver?

Maybe the most loaded position in the NFL currently, how does the top ten stack up, and were does Raiders star Davante Adams fit in?
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5. A.J. Brown

At times this season, it seemed as if A.J. Brown was going to find himself at the top of these rankings. From week three to eight he went over 125 receiving yards in every single game, an NFL record.

While the Eagle's offense has slowed down immensely since then, he has just one game over 100 receiving yards since, everybody is aware of what Brown is capable of in the midst of his second season with over 1,400 receiving yards.

How he gets those yards is perhaps the most intriguing part of his game as his skillset is entirely different from the others on this list. Simply put, he is one of the most physically dominant receivers in the history of the NFL. Combine that with great hands, high-end route running, and a natural ability to create leverage and you have a truly unique player.

When the Philadelphia offense gets back on track, it will almost certainly be due to Brown's return to dominance. Regardless, this is one trade the Eagles don’t regret one bit as he makes his way to bud third Pro Bowl.