NFL Rankings: Raiders Davante Adams still a top-10 wide receiver?

Maybe the most loaded position in the NFL currently, how does the top ten stack up, and were does Raiders star Davante Adams fit in?
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
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3. Ceedee Lamb

For years Ceedee Lamb has been considered among the top receivers in the NFL. A perennial Pro Bowl selection, there was just something keeping him from being named with the players at the top of his position.

All of that changed in 2023 however. With Kellen Moore gone to Los Angeles, Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott were able to adjust the offense to a downfield passing attack that fully utilized Lamb’s talents and took him to the top of nearly everyone’s wide receiver rankings.

A Pro Bowl selection for the third straight year, Lamb currently has a league-leading 122 receptions for 1,651 yards and ten touchdowns for one of the league's best teams. His last game, a 227-yard effort against the Detroit Lions in primetime was further proof of how dominant he has been this season.

Likely to be an All-Pro selection for the first time, Lamb is an ascending player who seems to get better and better each season, even when you think he can’t. With more continuity on offense in 2024, there’s reason to believe he can maintain this pace or perhaps even improve.