4 offseason catastrophes the Las Vegas Raiders must avoid in 2024

The Las Vegas Raiders go into the offseason with plenty of things to figure out, and they must avoid some catastrophes along the way.
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Overspending on Josh Jacobs

Last offseason, after the release of Derek Carr, the main focal point of the Raiders roster was what to do with running back Josh Jacobs. To make matters even harder, Jacobs exceeded the expectations of Ziegler and McDaniels, who actually played Jacobs in the Hall of Fame Game the previous preseason.

Jacobs would go on to lead the NFL in rushing yards, putting together one of the more impressive rushing seasons in team history. When you consider how many great running backs the Raiders have had through their history, it was quite the impressive campaign by Jacobs, and many felt he would be rewarded with a new deal.

However, the Raiders and Jacobs could not come to terms early on in the offseason, and the drama leaked out all the way to August. They finally agreed on a one-year deal with Jacobs, but going into this offseason, they have to figure out whether or not to pay him big money to remain in the Silver and Black.

If Pierce is hired as head coach, you can expect the Raiders to make a hard push for Jacobs, as we all know how Pierce feels about him. Jacobs is going to get ten-plus million with his new deal, and if the team does decide to spend big money on the star running back, they must avoid overpaying for his services.