Raiders offseason priorities: 3 key players to re-sign, avoid roster holes

Discover the top three free agents the Las Vegas Raiders need to prioritize this offseason.

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3. Andre James, Center

Andre James took over as the Raiders starting center during the 2021 NFL season, and since then, he has been a constant for the Silver and Black upfront. There were some growing pains early on for James, but through the years, he has missed only a handful of games, and has become a strong piece to the puzzle for Las Vegas.

Stability and consistency will be the keys for the Raiders moving forward, and bringing back James at center will play a big role in their continued growth on the offensive side of the ball. Quarterback is a big question mark going into next season, but with most of the starting offensive line coming back, Las Vegas becomes a destination for whichever veteran or rookie is taking starting snaps this upcoming season.

James has done a great job working with whoever has been under center the last two years, as the Raiders have started five different starting quarterbacks in that time span.

Bringing back James enables the Raiders to move Parham to offensive guard full-time, the position he is best suited for going forward. Las Vegas actually had a pretty strong offensive line in 2023, and whoever is the quarterback in 2024 will benefit from James returning to the Silver and Black on a new contract this offseason.