Las Vegas Raiders: Options if star RB Josh Jacobs is traded away

After leading the league in rushing yards last season, Josh Jacobs was given the Franchise Tag in the off-season. If the Raiders elect not to sign him long term, these three players could be added.
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Leonard Fournette
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Raiders options if Jacobs is traded: Leonard Fournette

Once one of the most highly touted running back prospects of all time, Leonard Fournette created a name for himself at LSU as a big back with a punishing running style that dared defenders to try and tackle him.

However, over the last two years with Tom Brady, Fournette has managed to reinvent himself and become a useful option in the passing game. In fact, he has 142 receptions combined in the last two seasons.

With his newfound receiving prowess, Fournette's role on the Raiders would undoubtedly include third-down work. Once again, his addition would be hugely beneficial for Zamir White as it would limit his role in the offense as he got used to being a starting running back.

Furthermore, after three seasons with the Buccaneers and Tom Brady, Fournette has been on winning teams and even earned the nickname "Playoff Lenny" for his big performance in the postseason. The Raiders coaching staff and front office would appreciate this mentality and leadership and is badly needed in Las Vegas.